The Importance of Good Support Systems in Recovery

Anyone who is unwilling to respect these boundaries does not belong in your support network. The key to a successful Sober October and a substance-free holiday season is preparation, support and a positive mindset. Stay committed to your goals, lean on your support network when needed, and focus on the joy and fulfillment that a sober lifestyle can bring.

  • Sobriety support groups are not the same as treatment facilities and should not substitute for addiction treatment.
  • For this reason, the membership programs involve looking deeply at the underlying causes of addiction, in addition to the secondary problem (the addiction itself).
  • A support group is any group of people that meets, either in person or online, to discuss a particular aspect of mental health or emotional well-being.
  • During a life of addiction, many people may unwittingly damage their personal relationships.
  • If members of your support network would also like to learn about the recovery process and ways that they can support you, direct them to information sources, including the specialists at your treatment center.

Young adults, in particular, were found by Gallup to believe moderate drinking is detrimental to health. Also, an increased use of marijuana among young adults could also be a factor in alcohol use decline. The percentage of younger adults, aged 18 to 34, who say they “ever have occasion to use alcoholic beverages,” has fallen from 72% to 62% over the past two decades, according to Gallup.

Why You Need to Consider Sober Networking in 2023

Having a solid home group can be an important step toward developing a truly strong support network. The long-lasting relationships formed in recovery are one of the greatest gifts of sobriety. At Turnbridge, it is these bonds that serve as constant reminders of the promise of recovery, and the journey that accompanies it. The sober networks established within our residencies only continue to thrive upon leaving treatment. Many of our clients go on to become sponsors for young men just starting their network, while others move forward as roommates after their time in New Haven. No matter the circumstance, we strongly believe that the friendships built here at some of the most rewarding ones of all.

A decade of collegiate recovery support at the University – University of Nevada, Reno

A decade of collegiate recovery support at the University.

Posted: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Making friends through a 12-step or recovery program is also common. You may even form a personal support system outside your group with the connections you make. If you’re not sure where to start, making a list of recovery organizations and groups that sound interesting to you might be a useful first step. Attending trial meetings could help you decide which groups feel right for you.

Sober Sistas

For $199, you’ll receive four sessions with a trauma-informed Tempest coach to help identify your goals and create a plan to stay on track and achieve them. Some of the group’s strategies include positive reinforcement, cognitive restructuring, relaxation, diet, and 254 Massachusetts Sober Living Homes Transitional Living MA exercise. With these tactics, there is a focus on self-empowerment to overcome addiction. Women for Sobriety focuses on strategies that prioritize self-empowerment to overcome addiction and uses positive affirmations and mantras for self-value and emotional growth.

If you like and appreciate what somebody is doing for you during recovery, be sure to let them know. A quick thank you might suffice, or you can be more detailed and explain to them exactly why their actions have improved your life. If you are new to recovery and struggling with anxiety or social problems, it may be difficult for you to pick up the phone or respond to text messages from people who are interested in helping you.

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